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University Of Miami Interior Design Portfolio

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Upon completing the University of Miami Interior Design certificate program I have obtained a working knowledge of sketches and 3D rendering software VRAY. I have been studying Interior Design and Architecture since child hood, and was admitted into the Masters of Architecture Program at the University of Miami. I immensely enjoy the challenge of balancing functionality with creativity and personal style into a clients residential interior design, by allowing each individual the ability to be true to themselves. Design is more than matching the look or keeping up with the times, design is about incorporating your lifes experience and comforts into something truly unique to you.

In my final presentation at the University of Miami, I was given the task of creating a space that would blend together the needs of an elderly gentleman with early stage arthritis and macular degeneration with a fondness for Japanese culture, a well traveled, hard working and perpetual hostess mother, and 14 year old daughter; and was asked to create the perfect space to incorporate all of their varying needs.

The Gentlemen

in order to properly incorporate the needs of the gentlemen (with an unlimited budget) and a fondness for cooking, I opted for an eggersmann Kitchen with touch open doors. a large seating area with extended bar for sitting convenience while preparing food, as well as limited low cabinetry to afford him the ability to work around the kitchen area with ease without having to bend over as often. I also made sure to incorporate hard wood flooring, which is comfortable on muscles and joints. As for lighting, we have installed low light floor track lighting to use as a guide during the night hours as well as recessed track lighting and ambient light to create a peaceful atmosphere. Strong use of natural wood and stone throughout the condo give a sense of a nature and peaceful environment. Much like that seen around much of Asia; Korea, China, Singapore and Japan.

The Business Woman

With a wide variety of interests, a vast art collection and a love of entertaining, it was a great challenge to incorporate this wide variety of tastes with that of the gentlemen.

The Teenager

The beauty of being a teenager today is that we can do away with all of the typical stereotypes surrounding what a kids room should look like. I opted for a more neutral palate with just a flare of pop culture and contemporary trends. Such trends that are currently leaning towards the 70's and 80's.

The Result

Timeless Contemporary Luxury Miami Local Culture Nature

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