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Creating The Concept

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Design is not just a word, a career or a fashionable trend. Design at its core is a culmination of thoughts, shapes, patterns, interests, colors, nature, art and compromise. It all comes down to the fact that design is what you make it.

Not everyone shares the same likes and interests, just as not everyone is impressed with or likes the same design trends. It is a personal choice, and I believe that there is no true right or wrong trend or style, but rather a tactful and functional way to blend them all together aka compromise. The challenge of creating this harmony is the true power of a designer. Sure, you could play it safe, never adding any color, sticking with what you know or what a current trend dictates you abide by and still be fairly happy with the result. However, the feeling of acceptance that comes with keeping up with the trends can sometimes have a negative impact on your individuality.

Design to You Strengths

Have you ever noticed that feeling you get when you walk into a store, a hotel or a home that reminds you of a happy memory from your childhood or your past? How does it make you feel to be surrounded by things associated with these happy memories? Probably fantastic! When we choose to surround ourselves with things that have happiness attached to them, we have the ability to focus on becoming more intrinsically happy. Meaning, when we choose to surround ourselves with things that make us feel happy, safe and satisfied; we are giving ourselves the opportunity to grow as individuals and lead our lives for more than our monetary needs alone. People who surround themselves with things they care about are more likely to become satisfied with their lives than those who surround themselves with trendy or valuable items that they have no close personal attachments to. Invaluable is a strong word, and in my opinion, one of the greatest words to work with in the design field. What is invaluable to you? what elements of your home bring you joy? That is what I would like to help bring to the table.

Be Individual

I know the idea of living in the cookie cutter Pinterest home can be very alluring. I too have fallen victim to the "if my home looked like that, all of my worries would just wash away" idea. Although it is perfectly ok to like a trend or elements that we see on Pinterest, it is very important to understand that just because you like certain elements of a design, it doesn't mean you need to strictly follow it in order to have your dream home. If you want to have that feeling in your home, it has to feel like you. The one crazy painting you purchased on a whim, that you love for some unknown reason, is probably the one thing in your home that you should be focusing on when it comes to redesigning or updating your space. What drew you to that painting in particular? was it the color? the shapes? the textures? Whatever that element is, it has the potential to make you ten times happier than100 'perfect' homes that you see on the internet. I can assure you!

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Get Inspired

Now that you have the Basic Tools, this is how you start! Stop searching for house trends 2022 and start searching for design concepts from different genres that speak to you. A good place to start would be on my Pinterest page, where I have several different design style books and a wide variety of artists.Other valuable sites include Interior Design Magazine, designer edit articles in Architectural Digest and past issues, Design Anthology, Architectural Record, as well as Local showrooms & artists. Find what speaks to you and create a book of your own! You never know what you will find out about yourself and that for me is the most exciting part. Tastes can evolve and change over time. Design then becomes a never ending circulation of ideas, culture and eras. That my friends is exactly what leaves the door wide open for you to decide what design means to you. So let your space speak through you and enter a world that is fully your own.

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